SSCAB/DSCAB: Reframing the Conversation

MUST READ article about sex, socialization, power dynamics, and boundaries. #michfest

Big Mouth Girl

[Note: There are several acronyms used throughout this post. If needed, you can hover your mouse over them to view meaning.]

In an online conversation about the use and application of the acronym “TERF” (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist [sometimes the E is said to stand for “Exterminating” or “Eradicating”]), a friend argued the semantics of calling something “women or female space” when what is meant is “space for women who are Female Assigned At Birth (FAAB).” As she put it, “Why is it OK to use the terms woman or female to describe FAAB spaces when you know very well that there is a conflicting view about the accuracy and appropriateness of those terms?”

Inevitably, conversations about separatist spaces intended for females devolve into assumptions or projections that such spaces are inherently “anti-trans.” The label “TERF” is applied to any female who admits to…

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  1. Tobysgirl · ·

    Thank you, Elizabeth, for posting this link.

  2. I feel sad that women have to fight this battle. That we have marginalized to the level that if we attempt to define womanhood, to the exclusion of men, we are deemed as non-P.C. “exclusionary” and hateful. I would like this movement to pull away from TERF, and adopt an acronym such as, WE, and outright agree that we women exclude transwomen from the sex women. “We Exclude” It doesn’t mean we hate them.

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