Monthly Archives: June 2013

CHART! “Gender Identity” laws by state: definitions, citations, contexts

I made this excel spreadsheet of “gender identity” anti-discrimination legislation almost a year ago.  I have hesitated to share it on the internet because there are surely errors (in the weblinks and citations if nothing else) and because IT SHOULD NOT BE RELIED UPON FOR LEGAL RESEARCH. But still, it’s pretty sweet and helps frame […]

DELAWARE joins MA and CT with “improper purpose” limitation on “gender identity” protections

Delaware joined 16 other US states this week by passing anti-discrimination protections for “gender identity.” The good news is that some reasonable limitations were added by eleventh hour amendment to the legislation. The central problem with “gender identity” legislation is still implicated by the definition itself because it directly overrides sex and is self-referential (gender is gender). Let’s take […]

I liked the news today!

I have been pleasantly surprised not once, but twice, today by “gender” related news! That’s a record, so I’m sharing. First, HuffPo is covering a story about a boy who got in trouble for wearing make-up to school. See here for more. How stupid is that, right? Sex stereotyping alert! Let the boy wear make-up already! But the […]