Activism to normalize gender transitioning now comes at children’s expense

It was recently announced that the Oregon Health Plan, which provides healthcare coverage to low-income residents of Oregon, will cover “medical care” for “transgender” children starting October 1, 2014. [1]

The official text of the Oregon Health Plan guideline reads:

“Hormone treatment is included on this line only for use in delaying the onset of puberty and/or continued pubertal development with GnRH analogues for gender questioning children and adolescents. This therapy should be initiated at the first physical changes of puberty, confirmed by pubertal levels of estradiol or testosterone, but no earlier than Tanner stages 2-3. Prior to initiation of puberty suppression therapy, adolescents must fulfill eligibility and readiness criteria and must have a comprehensive mental health evaluation. Ongoing psychological care is strongly encouraged for continued puberty suppression therapy.”

Under this guideline, services covered by the State of Oregon will include:

  • Mental health counseling
  • Evaluation by a pediatric specialist
  • Procedures, medication, and follow-up monitoring related to pubertal suppression

You might think from this language that there is ample scientific support for such a momentous decision. One would hope that the state and medical establishment had taken great care with something that may permanently affect children and families. But this radical change is not based on recent medical breakthroughs. There is no amazing new science suggesting that state-run medical plans serving the most needy and vulnerable people should now put children as young as 10 years old on puberty-blocking hormones if they are “diagnosed” as “transgender.”

In fact, even the endocrinology experts who commented on this decision had this to say about this so-called therapy:

“There is very poor evidence of the benefit of puberty suppressing therapy for transgendered youth, based on the existing literature.” [2]

Rather than following guidelines from well-researched medical science, Oregon’s decision is based on trans* political activism and social normativity. The activist (and deeply regressive) trope behind this is that children who report “feeling” like the opposite sex must therefore be the opposite sex and should therefore have the opportunity to physically mimic the superficial appearances of the opposite sex with state-funded medical intervention.

This represents nothing less than the politicization of a public healthcare decision, one that affects every citizen of Oregon who depends on the state-run healthcare plan. A state bureaucracy is financially supporting significant medical intervention for children because trans* activist adults and their medical enablers have constructed a “disorder” – and the life-altering “cure” – for their own political purposes, personal opinions, and needs.

By abetting this, the state is supporting the pathologizing of normal childhood behavior, as well as setting the stage for standardizing sex role stereotypes in public policy. If that isn’t chilling enough, the proposed “cure” legitimizes artificial hormone treatments for children who can’t possibly know the difference between sex and gender, the complexities of what we call “gender identity,” or the long-term consequences of these decisions. As a result, and as a legal matter, children cannot consent to this “treatment” in any meaningful way.

Conflating sex with gender

It is a scientific fact that we cannot change our biological sex. A female taking puberty-suppression hormones will still be female, and a male taking puberty-suppression hormones will still be male. These hormones can only influence the expression of secondary sex characteristics (i.e., body hair, voice, breast or testicle development, and menses). They can not change the primary aspects of a person’s sex (i.e., the presence of a specific type of gonad, chromosomes, and the innate ability to impregnate another human being or gestate a child).

These are the facts about biological sex and artificial hormones. But Oregon’s mandate is about “gender questioning children and adolescents.” In other words, a state bureaucracy and medical professionals are conflating the biological realities of sex with the social fiction of gender. There is no verifiable medical evidence that these drugs work for what they’re being proposed for: “aligning” one’s sex with their “abnormal” gender. The bottom line is that state-paid doctors may now prescribe untested drugs for the sole purpose of helping a child or teen “pass” (be read by other people) as the opposite sex.

Think of what that means in terms of state support, what that means in terms of medical and political institutions. These powerful, influential bulwarks of society are putting their full weight behind the story that these drugs will make gender non-conforming children feel better because they are “in the wrong body.”

The truth is, selling the idea that people can change their sex, with the promise that they will then feel better about themselves, their bodies, and their sexual orientation, is tantamount to lying. It is fiction.

Unproven medical treatments

The treatment referenced in the Oregon guideline involves injections of gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonists. [3] These powerful artificial hormones were developed and are normally prescribed for fertility and prostate problems in adult females and males, respectively. Treating children with these drugs because they have been diagnosed as “transgender” appears to be an off-label use of the drugs. [4] The effectiveness of these drugs for this purpose is in significant doubt – even if we accept the fantasy of a “transgendered” medical condition – because these drugs haven’t been tested and approved for this use.

The United States Food and Drug Administration has this to say about off label use of approved drugs:

“Good medical practice and the best interests of the patient require that physicians use legally available drugs, biologics and devices according to their best knowledge and judgment. If physicians use a product for an indication not in the approved labeling, they have the responsibility to be well informed about the product, to base its use on firm scientific rationale and on sound medical evidence, and to maintain records of the product’s use and effects.” [5]

There is no “sound medical evidence” or “firm scientific rationale” for using puberty blockers to treat a psychiatric condition. [6] And contrary to the suggestion that these drugs are perfectly safe, recent studies show that the use of puberty blockers in girls results in a greater risk of polycystic ovary syndrome, which itself can cause obesity and acne. [7] Additionally, 20-30% of girls taking puberty suppressing hormones will experience side effects that include headaches, weight gain, nausea, and hot flashes.[8]

This is obviously not a harmless proposal by any measure, nor is it demonstrably effective, so it is hard to imagine why anyone would put a child through this.

But the supporters of this guideline give us clues to what is going on. Trans* activists using children to make another inroad into what they hope to “prove” about and gain for themselves. Medical professionals adapting to pressure from these activists and the constant social pressure around gender conformity. Policy-makers responding to the constant haranguing by trans* activists and the advice of medical professionals. This may not be intentional collusion, only acquiescence to pressure and social conformity. But the result for children is the same.

All of these people seek a “solution” to a child’s preference for the behavior and trappings of the stereotypical gender role of the opposite sex. They want to turn that into something medically correctable. Through treatment with artificial hormones, the tomboy girl who rejects the trappings of stereotypical femininity becomes a “normal” boy and the princess boy becomes a “normal” girl.

Being socially acceptable

Even adults struggle with the negative reactions from society when they defy gendered norms of behavior and appearance. It is much harder for a child to overcome the pressure of these rigid social demands. And if that message is all they ever hear from parents, friends, teachers, other adults, the media, and now even medical professionals, they will have no other way to conceptualize their feelings and create their own path.

Under ideal conditions, a gender non-conforming child does not internalize the stereotypes associated with either her own or the opposite sex. That child simply non-conforms without defining the essence of her individual self by reference to binary gender stereotypes. This gender non-conforming child does not misunderstand her biological sex or pathologize her own body parts. That is the healthiest possible experience for a child and demonstrably creates the healthiest adults.

Compare this to a child who has internalized the stereotypes associated with the opposite sex and fantasized those as defining the essence of her individual self. This child comes to understand who she is because of her non-conformity with the gender role “proper” for her sex. She creates a social persona demanding that others validate the “gender-related identity” she has modeled after the stereotypes associated with the opposite sex. She then declares her “human right” to be “treated as” the sex associated with her self-selected “gender identity.”

It is not hard to see the problems this could create for the child during all stages of development. And this on top of what the child has already experienced. It is not hard to understand the feelings of wrongness or intense physical and mental discomfort that such a child experiences, or to feel sympathy and empathy for her. But it is not at all uncommon for children to struggle with their gender role(s) at some point.

Persistently gender non-conforming children are on the farther end of the continuum for that experience. Their discomfort is not different in kind, but in degree. Among those children, there is also wide variability in the ability to cope, with some children being righteously indignant of gender roles and others being utterly miserable.

For the latter child, the problem is exacerbated by being labeled with a misnomer (“transgender”) and diagnosed for a very specific medical intervention. Rather than investigating and addressing the full scope of the child’s experience, bringing the best professional knowledge and methods to bear on the situation, people are accepting the trans* activist frame as a given: that children can be “born in the wrong body” (the heart of the “transgender” claim).

Conflating gender non-conformity with this fictional medical anomaly obviously has wide-ranging ramifications for children and adults. A side effect of this rush to accept the trans* activist framing is the confusion between “gender identity” (the new term that encapsulates the conflation of gender non-conformity with the need for medical intervention) and sexuality (the simple fact of sexual preference that is now well-understood by professionals and most of society).

There is compelling evidence that a large percentage of gender non-conforming children grow up to be gay or lesbian adults. [9] Conflating gender non-conformity with a trans* medical condition, puts homosexual boys and girls at risk, yet again, of being pathologized and medically treated for something that much of society has come to accept as normal and healthy.

Medicating lesbian and gay children into conformity

Breaking the norms of sex roles, as many lesbian and gay children do, is a very difficult path for the children themselves and for the adults in their lives. Any family can struggle with what that means and how to cope. The child or adolescent is not only breaking out of gender stereotypes, but is exploring an alternative sexuality that has long been vilified. Parents know that their children are likely to have fewer legal rights as adults and struggle against prejudice their whole lives. Any additional political conformity by the parents can make their anxiety that much worse.

In conservative families, where institutional hierarchies depend on gender stereotypes and conformity around sexuality, a non-conforming child is a problem to be solved. The pressure on the child in that family to find a way to fit in and be loved could be very painful. In a situation like that – with additional incentives and pressure from the church, conservative peers, and the staid and traditional medical establishment – it is no wonder that the family and the child would strongly consider the possibilities of having/being a “normal” son who was heterosexual instead of a lesbian daughter.

In this way, the conservative view of gender inherently supports gender-transitioning for the purpose of aligning a child’s behavior and appearance with the secondary sex characteristics of the child’s body, as re-created with puberty suppressing drugs. But even liberal parents can fall prey to the social pressures of gender stereotypes, with the additional mandate to be politically correct. And there is plenty of that kind of social pressure right now.

There are now a significant number of online liberal political spaces where the trans* activist narrative is taken as fact. Anyone who doesn’t go along with this orthodoxy is vehemently denounced as “transphobic,” harangued, shouted down, and/or shunned. Many well-known and popular liberal blogs and other liberal social media spaces will ban anyone who questions trans* orthodoxy around “gender identity” and being “born in the wrong body.” We’ve even recently seen in-person versions of this with the outraged reactions to Christine Benvenuto’s book about her ex-husband’s sex change. [10]

This is further supported by what appears to be a wider social acceptance of the transitioning phenomenon. Chaz Bono – a female who identified as being a lesbian for years, but who is now living as a heterosexual man — is a good example. When on the very popular prime time television program, Dancing With the Stars, Chaz was paired with a female partner and received significant support from the program throughout the experience. Yet Martina Navratilova, an out lesbian, was paired with a male partner.

The message is very clear in reinforcing not only mainstream society’s heteronormativity, but the trans* narratives of “born in the wrong body” and the possibility of full blown sex and sexuality transitions. All of these messages simply amount to claiming that a child who doesn’t conform to the sex role stereotypes and sexuality of the typical male has a female “gender identity” and should actually be female bodied, while a female child who doesn’t conform to the sex role stereotypes and sexuality of the typical female simply has a male “gender identity” and is actually male bodied.

With powerful puberty blocking drugs and a lot more pressure to conform to gender stereotypes, adults are putting kids in a terrible position.

Gender non-conforming kids, for real

Most of us know how painful and difficult it can be to grow up being different from the accepted norm. Gender non-conforming kids can experience the worst of this, growing up being socially ostracized, bullied, and harassed by other children and adults for how they look and behave. Additionally, many lesbian girls and gay boys are pathologized for their sexuality. Kids have all kinds of reactions to this, including feeling suicidal and acting on those feelings.

We have known as a society what the answer to this is, to “be free to be you and me.” That now sounds quaint. Somehow we lost the plot. Instead of creating that world, we’re now facing a world where gender non-conforming kids are pressured toward puberty suppressing “therapy” that doesn’t acknowledge or address underlying social structures.

Puberty suppression does not solve the actual problem – the pain of living in a society with rigid gender roles – it just attempts to suppress what bothers other people – the gender non-conformity. In so doing, we tell the child, her parents, and wider society that discomfort with what you are bullied about must be medically treated.

Bullies do not have to change their behavior, because the bullied will be medicated so the bullies aren’t uncomfortable with them anymore. If Jane is “actually a boy” then it’s ok that she wanted to play with trucks and wear jeans and t-shirts all the time; she just needs to be understood as a “boy” and have no outward signs that she’s actually a female.

Suppressing the puberty of a child in order to make other children and adults more comfortable with that child’s “gender expression” must not be understood as a victory for human rights. The fight against gender stereotyping and the abolition of sex-based social roles is derailed by these celebrations of “gender identity.” Further, pathologizing gender non-conformity is the opposite of freeing women and girls from the shackles of compulsory femininity.

For that reason, feminists especially have every reason to take up this fight on her behalf, regardless of what we agree or disagree on around what “gender identity” in adults might mean. This impacts all girls and women, lesbians and gay men. If the concept that there are correct and incorrect bodies vis a vis “gender” gains significant medical support, no one outside the stereotypical gender expression will escape unharmed.

Selfish devotion to trans* activism

None of what is described here seems to matter to the trans* activists who are forcing this issue. They are using this moment to push rhetoric to normalize their own preferences (which happen to perfectly match society’s conservative adherence to gender roles), use families that receive state-funded medical care to promote a political agenda that normalizes and standardizes insurance payments for trans-related conditions, and to put people to sleep (how much energy does the average person have for this issue, after all).

Their propaganda around this decision by the state of Oregon makes clear what their intentions are: [11]

“The $1,000 ‘out-of-pocket’ monthly cost of pubertal suppression treatment is out of reach for most families,” said TransActive Executive Director, Jenn Burleton.

“Pubertal suppression provides transgender adolescents the option of avoiding unwanted, irreversible and deeply distressing changes that come with birth-sex pubertal development,” Burleton said. “Far too often trans adolescents experience increased suicidal ideation as a result of these changes and the indifference of others about the impact these changes have on trans youth.”

“Thanks to this common sense, safe and medically recommended action by the Oregon Health Plan, lives will be saved and TransActive is extremely grateful to have been able to play a part in this victory and to be a regional and national center for providing the care needed by these kids and their families.”

This statement lays the groundwork for assuming that being deeply disturbed by pubertal changes is a stable, quantifiable state and that blocking those changes is something we can reasonably consider as medical “treatment.” It is also stated as if this is commonly experienced and that anyone should be able to see how “unfair” pubertal development can be. The reference to “indifference” is telling; who is indifferent exactly? And who is supposed to care about children? The shaming is very clearly directed at adults who would make decisions on behalf of children.

The next phrase is designed to sound as if this is a settled medical reality, not pure conjecture and what appears to be medical experimentation on children. “Common sense,” “safe,” “medically recommended” – who could argue with those weighted words? Who wants to go up against any of those claims? Certainly not parents who are confused and anxious already. Not the bureaucrats for whom this issue is more of a nuisance than something they can focus on. Obviously not the medical specialists who signed off on this.

But we know we must do something about this, because children’s lives are on the line.

Not only can someone as young as 10-years old not discern between what is a socialized gender role and what is biological sex, she cannot bring political or social analysis to bear on her problem. The greatest travesty of all is that children are not going to understand the long term ramifications to degree that adults and medical professionals should.

So what can we do about this?

There are many avenues to pursue and we need the communities of mothers, lesbians, gay men, feminists, and others to work against the normalizing of prescribing artificial hormones to gender non-conforming children. One avenue is to discuss and implement real solutions for the children who are gender non-conforming and who struggle with their sense of “gender identity.” So-called mommy blog communities are probably excellent places for that discussion.

Another thing we can be doing is to look at the medical community behind the Oregon decision and start efforts to engage them about this issue. In addition to the trans* activists, these are the people – who have professional obligations not to build health policy with no scientific basis – behind the policy change: Heidi Allen, Ph.D. (Columbia University); Carol Blenning, M.D. (Family Practice-Oregon Health & Science University); Bruce Boston, M.D. (Chief-Pediatric Endocrinology, Oregon Health & Science University; Karin Selva, M.D. (Pediatric Endocrinology, Randall Children’s Hospital). [12]

It’s reasonable to believe that if there were more open discussion of this issue, some or all of these professionals would feel somewhat more pressure to listen to concerns other than those of just trans* activists. The credentials behind these people’s names can intimidate people into silence. But we have only to remember that medical science has been wrong about prescription drugs and thousands of people with credentials have made deadly mistakes with them. Highly-credentialed people are not immune to social pressures toward conformity, from both inside and outside their professional communities.

Medical professionals, health plan administrators, and legislators and other policy makers in other jurisdictions will be under the exact same kinds of pressures that those in Oregon have been. If the proliferation of anti-discrimination “gender identity “ legislation is any indication, Oregon will not be the last state to implement such a rule. Trans* activists are well ahead of the curve on this issue. By becoming more active now we will be able to put everyone on notice that we also want our voices heard on this issue.

It will take some focused community work on our part to bring common sense and medical ethics to bear on behalf of gender non-conforming children. But there are many people who are concerned about this issue and a critical mass of push back is foreseeable; we just want to be on the leading edge of that work.

This post was made possible through significant input from and research by Elizabeth Hungerford.

End Notes

up [1]  New Guidelines for the October 1, 2014 ICD-10 Prioritized List

Line 521
Hormone treatment is included on this line only for use in delaying the onset of puberty and/or continued pubertal development with GnRH analogues for gender questioning children and adolescents. This therapy should be initiated at the first physical changes of puberty, confirmed by purbertal levels of estradiol or testosterone, but no earlier than Tanner stages 2-3. Prior to initiation of puberty suppression therapy, adolescents must fulfill eligibility and readiness criteria and must have a comprehensive mental health evaluation. Ongoing psychological care is strongly encouraged for continued puberty suppression therapy.”

On page 42 of this PDF archived on the site here:;

up [2] The Endocrine Society summarizes their recommendation this way:

“There is very poor evidence of the benefit of puberty suppressing therapy for transgendered youth, based on the existing literature. Use of puberty suppressing therapy is based on expert opinion. The Endocrine Society recommends treatment of transgendered youth be treated with puberty suppressing medications at the first physical changes of puberty with GnRH analogues.”

In other words, this professional organization can find no reason to use this treatment, but suggests it anyway, based on other expert advice (that of psychologists).

On page 225 of this PDF archived on the site here:;

up [3] Treatment of precocious puberty by GnRH agonists.

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up [4] “While the medication is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for children who start puberty prematurely, it is currently unapproved for transgender adolescents.

Only a small number of clinics in America serve transgender children, and it was only a few years ago that doctors began treating them with puberty-blocking drugs.”

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From: Sexual orientation and childhood gender nonconformity: evidence from home videos. Rieger G, Linsenmeier JA, Gygax L, Bailey JM. Dev Psychol. 2008 Jan;44(1):46-58. doi: 10.1037/0012-1649.44.1.46.

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up [11] Burleton’s statement.

up [12]  TransActive’s press release about Oregon’s decision.


  1. Reblogged this on Pass the Flaming Sword and commented:
    “Live and let live,” you may say, but that’s precisely what trans ideology does NOT do.

    In Oregon, the law now says that “gender questioning children and adolescents” will get “puberty suppression therapy” at the first sign of pubertal change. “Puberty suppression therapy.” Just let those words sink in. In what world does that sound like a rational, healthy thing to do to a child?

    They are taking perfectly healthy children who don’t conform to the rigid patriarchal norms that are attached to sex (this is called ‘gender’) and giving them an untested treatment that isn’t medically necessary or proven to be beneficial. In fact, health problems abound. And yet this is supposed to fix the problem of being ‘born in the wrong body’ –which is such a hateful, evil notion to support and enable that I fail to understand how the critical people are the ones being labeled hateful and oppressive.
    This is like buying a pair of shoes for your child, discovering that they are slightly too small, and proceeding to hack off your child’s toes to make them fit rather than getting a better pair of shoes.

    Trans laws are only just getting started. And it affects every single person, not just those who identify as trans, when a country’s laws are changed to reflect the idea that males behave and think one way and females behave and think another way (codifying ‘gender identity’ into law does just that), and that feeling uncomfortable with the gender role assigned to us due to our sex is a sign that our bodies need extensive modification, or that we are in fact ‘not what we seem’.

    All those who identify as trans deserve full human rights, respect, and protection just like all other humans. But legislators, medical professionals and parents need to hear this message loud and clear, before we find ourselves in a world that leaves no space at all for those who would escape the rigid, sex-based definition of what we are supposed to be:


    “Do not adjust your mind, it is reality that is malfunctioning.” (Robert Anton Wilson)

    “We aren’t born in the wrong body, we’re born in the wrong society!“(@ThedirtfromDirt)

    The blog I am linking here is truly excellent; read it even if it’s a long post.

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    The treatment of adolescent transsexuals: changing insights. Cohen-Ketternis et al, J Sex Med. 2008 Aug;5(8):1892-7.

  4. Thanks, Zoe. I read science now, so critique will be forthcoming. I’m so READY FOR THIS.

  5. anoner55 · ·

    Medicare is now considering covering the genital reconstruction surgery:

    They have public comments open and they say they are particularly interested in relevant studies.

  6. Oceanlady · ·

    I know this might sound crass and crude, but don’t they de-sex farm and domestic animals too. Children who are never allowed to undergo adolescent development are for all practical purposes de-sexed human beings. How else can we describe it? Adolescence is a normal part of human development.

    The use of puberty suppressing drugs for “gender identity disorder” essentially amounts to the de-sexing of human beings. There really is no other way to describe what actually happens. People have done this to farm animals for centuries, but the thought that it could actually be carried out on human beings is rather disturbing. I know that this is harsh statement, but this is what it entails. As I understand it, puberty suppressing drugs have been around for some time, but they have been used for precocious or early puberty. That is, to halt adolescent development when it normally doesn’t occur. I do not believe the use of puberty suppressing drugs for “gender identity disorder” is approved by the FDA this particular use. It’s believed that undergoing adolescent development would be traumatic for children with “gender identity disorder”. Of course, adolescence is a normal part of human development, and is never easy for any child. Whether they admit it or not, one of the major benefits of puberty suppressing drugs is that it makes later “transitioning” much easier. Since these children don’t go through normal adolescent development, there is less healthy tissue to surgically remove later. Boys don’t develop masculine characteristics, and girls get little, if any, breast development. So, the surgeon has less to remove later. Children who are de-sexed through the use of puberty suppressing drugs followed by cross gender hormones are said to pass or blend in better in that they retain few physical characteristics of the sex they were born into. This is because they weren’t allowed to go through normal adolescent development to begin with. In essence, they were de-sexed through puberty suppressing drugs, and then given cross gender hormones. This is why they pass so well. If cross gender hormones are given right after puberty suppressing drugs, future fertility can be compromised whether or not they eventually undergo SRS surgery. In addition to fertility issues, scientists still don’t know everything about these drugs, particularly as it relates to bone and brain development. While it’s true that puberty suppressing drugs can be discontinued and normal adolescent development will start, some children go from puberty suppressing drugs followed by cross gender hormones, and to SRS surgery at age 18 (16 in some countries). The children who go from puberty suppressing drugs to cross gender hormones essentially are de-sexed at an early age, and not allowed to undergo a normal part of human development.

    The latest transgender talking points is that puberty suppressing drugs “buy time” for these children. Or, gives them time to decide what they want to do with their lives. At least, this is what Dr. Spack is constantly saying. To me, this is very problematic for several reasons. This assumes that (a.) the time to decide is the same for all children, (b.) the child is completely free from any parental, peer, or cultural influences, and (c.) children have the mental capacity to decide or choose for themselves. It’s a scientific fact that the pre-frontal cortex of the human brain which is sometimes called the judgment center of the brain isn’t fully developed until the early to mid-twenties.

    ”The prefrontal cortex, the part of the frontal lobes lying just behind the forehead, is often referred to as the “CEO of the brain.” This brain region is responsible for cognitive analysis and abstract thought, and the moderation of “correct” behavior in social situations. The prefrontal cortex takes in information from all of the senses and orchestrates thoughts and actions to achieve specific goals.1,2 This brain region gives an individual the capacity to exercise “good judgment” when presented with difficult life situations. Brain research indicating that brain development is not complete until near the age of 25, refers specifically to the development of the prefrontal cortex.”

    Dr. Spack is rather fond of the term “buying time” in reference to puberty suppressing drugs, but this assumes that these children have the mental capacity to fully understand what is happening to them. They no doubt feel different, but this in and of itself doesn’t mean that they have the mental capacity to fully understand how to deal best with all their feelings. They lack the necessary judgment to make informed decisions.

  7. “It’s a scientific fact that the pre-frontal cortex of the human brain which is sometimes called the judgment center of the brain isn’t fully developed until the early to mid-twenties.” This is an excellent point, Oceanlady. And adults must use their own judgement and knowledge of how the world really works to save a young person from the fantasies they are engaging in by imagining they can BE the opposite sex. Giving that child “time” to decide is just indulging the fantasy further.

    What an 11-year-old girl is imagining her life will be like as a “boy” is very likely hugely different from what a biological boy’s life will be. Aside from “looking” like a boy, she will have very few of the life experiences the biological male will have. If she’s imagining being able to play high school football or baseball, she will be disappointed — puberty suppressing drugs, then artificial hormones will not turn her body into the larger, more powerful version she’s imagining. She might be able to try out for the team, but aside from not being able to perform at that level, the male jock culture will reject her for not really being one of them. If she’s imagining joining the military as a male, she should know that there’s not a chance in the world that will happen. If she thinks that she will be dating all the girls she wants to, she will find out instead that there are very specific aspects of human sexuality that she will lack because, in reality, she is only passing for a boy, she has not been transformed into a biological male.

    An 11-year-old cannot comprehend any of that or what it will mean to be rejected in those ways. The whole idea in this child’s mind of transitioning to the opposite sex is based in the tropes, stories, stereotypes, and fantasies about boys and men that dominate our culture: Men are bigger and stronger; they can be the hero and the winner. They bond together over certain rituals and ideas about themselves, and each other. They have specific roles in relationships with women and ideas about who and what women are. They have certain jobs and perform those in specific ways. And on and on. The experience of all that for a biological male will be drastically different from that of a female trying to pass as a male through the adolescent years. And it won’t get any better into young adulthood.

    Adult transgender females who are dosing with artificial testosterone and have undergone breast removal live in a space in-between the male and female worlds. They are not readily accepted by males in many situations (is anyone in this culture unclear about how important a fully functioning penis is?) and they are not readily accepted in their fantasy role by many females either. A significant proportion of these transmen spend their time with lesbians (or in “queer” settings), partly for having been lesbian themselves and partly because that is a culture that will accept their presence. But they have also made themselves specifically different from lesbians, which puts them in another place of being rejected. Unlike the fantasy of the 11-year-old, these transmen have no special access to the male world; their lives are very unlike what she is imagining.

    A young woman who has fully considered all of this — and who has the brain development to really understand all the implications — is very different from a child who has only her imagination and cultural fantasies to go by. It is absolutely a form of child abuse for adults to engage with that child in the same fantasies she has, given that the decision to block her puberty could change her life forever and in ways she will come to regret.

  8. I don’t think that anyone is trying to say gender non-conforming children ought to be forcibly put on puberty blockers, and in our society in a conservative family being trans is considered more weird, perverse, and immoral than lesbian or gay so I don’t think it is fair to say that those families will be manipulated into putting their kids on these drugs. And I certainly agree that guidelines need be more strict, not more lax for transition, but at the same time allowing a child who is transsexual to receive treatment earlier usually leads them to a much happier life. The same risk is that in wrong cases it will make their life far worse so this really shouldn’t be taken lightly.

    I’ll admit I don’t much pay attention to trans activists, they’re typically very aggressive, unrespectful, and often hostile, but I guess I didn’t know that they were saying things like “I preferred dresses and my ezbake oven” meant that someone had a disorder of sexual and psychological development. I guess I found it hard to believe that other people who went through what I went through would think stereotypically gendered behavioral patterns described a person’s state of being. I apologize for not being more involved with this, being trans has never really been important to who I am as a person so I never got involved in the community.

  9. GenderBender · ·

    Ok, well it appears I can blog here…so here goes.
    I have read quite a few books on gender variant kids (written by experts who are very experienced in the field and have seen it all – worked with families of gender variant kids a lot etc) and especially ones that show strong and innate gender variance at a very young age (3-4 years old sometimes) – all this with ‘normal’ parents, nothing untoward or imbalanced, just plain old kids that seem to get born into the world and show very strong mixed gendered identities from an very early age (nothing wrong with it in my opinion). This is all cool in my book, it’s society’s response to it that fucks it all up. Anyway, I don’t agree with intervention with hormone blockers etc if it is at all avoidable but sometimes these children (around tanner stage 2 and earlier) when puberty starts to hit become suicidal. It’s obviously extremely stressful and negative for the kid and their family and for the kid being aware that their body is going to increasingly change (with puberty) to no longer enable them to be indentified as the identity (male-like, female-like,whatever) they feel they belong – their body will define it for them.

    Now I am not a fan of the whole ‘gender essence’ thing etc and biological ‘brain sex’ and all that shit, I think you are who you are-big deal, just be who you are whatever gender mix that is – you don’t necessarily need to change bits of your body because of it (and don’t kid yourself – you will not ever be the opposite sex as someone said above), but these kids are seriously suicidal (whether it’s a sign of another undiagnosed condition, who knows – we don’t know enough yet) but it does seem that there is something deeper going on in a biological sense in the make-up of some of these kids – don’t ask me what. But it certainly does not seem to have anything to do with fantasies etc – it seems to be almost intrinsic (perhaps even a hyper gender variance or ‘innate’ transexxuality – I don’t know, who knows really!!) But in the absence of any other solution, what choice is there?? Is it better to have a dead kid rather than a kid that has a less than ideal hormonal development through administering of hormonal blockers etc (the effects of hormonal puberty blockers are totally reversible after all).

    I am not saying all trans people are like this, and probably a lot are not, but it is certainly prudent to bear these trans-kids cases in mind whenever discussing trans issues because I do not think it is as simple as ‘just be who you are and you don’t need to change your body to do this’. As I say, we need much more research. It’s a real conundrum for society and a lot of experts feel that if there was another solution to this problem without using hormonal blockers they would be the first to jump on it, it’s just that nothing else seems to work. We need much more research. A lot of parents try absolutely everything they can think of and literally fly across the world multiple times consulting with expert after expert in search of other remedies to alleviate the STRESS associated with their identity being at odds with what society expects before any physical intervention and consider it an absolute final end of the road last resort in the prevention of suicide or serious self harm – and it works in many cases.

    I think it is a damn great shame that society does not seem to deal very well with people to be free to just be who they are – boy wearing a dress with 3 day growth and mascara and eye shadow or a girl in camo pants and 3 day growth (yes, I meant 3 day growth) wearing lipstick and a tiara – whatever floats you boat (the binary sux, we all that) It’s a bloody disgrace that we are calling ourselves civilised in this world when we can’t even accept different mixes of gender expression and we STILL have fucking sexism alive and well entrenched in society – it fucking SUX. But, trans kids are a really tricky and complex issue and needs way more research, but are we to just let these kids hang themselves in the mean time?? Let’s face it, we still live in a largely gender binarised world and even though it seems things are changing, I just don’t think it is as simple as ‘these people are having fantasies’ and so on. Besides, I think you paint a rather negative picture – a transman may well be accepted into the boys team for baseball or football or whatever – believe it or not (despite what you probably think) there are boys and men out there that are actually decent people and accepting and not sexist and are aware and sensitive people and are even dare I say it, less sexist than some women.

    Anyway, there is way more to it and I don’t think we understand it enough yet to really judge, and this is part of the problem, we need more research – not to find a ‘cure’ for gender variance (far from it!!) but sociological research into ways of progressing society further regarding dissolving gender (and sexism) and maybe the stress might be alleviated for these young kids, maybe….but maybe not. Just talk to the parents of trans kids and ask them how they should avoid their kid becoming increasingly unhappy, depressed, self harming and suicidal at a young age without hormone blockers. I mean these kids are irreconcilable and I don’t think we have a right to say to these parents that they should not use physical intervention when it can be a very real option for improving a child’s life (or preserving their life). This is why we need more research and options, hormone blockers are one option….. at this stage. Not ideal I know, but what else do we do?

    Anyway, its a good debate.

    Keep smashing gender to pieces, it’s a cool blog.


  10. […] And the majority of gender non-conforming young girls and women become lesbians as adults. Yet trans* activists are now making substantial inroads into having such gender non-conforming girls dec… and  to enforce this designation, parents are strongly encouraged to put their daughters on […]

  11. Kate, you are probably much better off not being involved with a community that doesn’t seem to really have individual’s health as their top priority.

    In any case, and with all due respect, your reality blinders are preventing you from reading this post and taking in new information. The whole point of this is to explain reality to people who haven’t seen it or who don’t want to see it. That you can’t believe it or haven’t seen it does not make it unreal. This is happening. The entire state of Oregon is now under strict orders to allow children to be pressured into taking puberty blockers. The state government has decided to contribute its precious and limited Medicaid dollars toward this. Can you get your head around what that means?

    Even more egregiously, you are imagining something that there is no proof for. There’s no such thing medically as “a child who is transsexual” — this simply doesn’t exist except as a made up diagnosis for adults and children to explain dress and behavior that isn’t stereotypical for their birth sex. If we lived in a society where kids could simply be themselves, dressing and behaving in whatever way felt right, there would be no medical diagnosis. Cancer exists whether or not it is diagnosed. Transgenderism and transsexualism *only* exist *because* of medical diagnosis.

    And the saddest part of your comment is this: “usually leads them to a much happier life.” No, it doesn’t. Every study that has ever been done on transsexual and transgender people tells the same story. They are as unhappy after transition as before. They are as likely to commit suicide. They are as likely to engage in dangerous behaviors (drug use, being prostituted, etc.). They are as likely to end up incarcerated.

    A diagnosis of something that doesn’t exist, to put a child on powerful drugs that won’t work, to subvert gender non-conformity which probably would turn out to be homosexuality is a recipe for disaster for children and the adults they will become. See it or don’t, but not seeing won’t make it go away.

  12. GenderBender · ·

    Noanodyne, I agree with a lot of what you are saying here on principal (ie transgender is not medical etc and should be separate from Gay activism and so on),it’s an issue because it’s made to be an issue by our culture. Incidentally I am gender creative and what you could say is ‘trans’ but I don’t want to be considered trans (I was born with XY and something between my legs called a penis – this means for some reason in this society I have had different experiences to what XXs usually have). It does seem there is an oversimplification and unnecessary diagnosing and medicalisation of gender creative kids – based on what you are saying re Oregon state laws etc. Questioning gender seems to be complex and a real conundrum for society and it seems absolutes and hard and fast rules cannot apply. I agree, unnecessary misdiagnosis and pressuring children into hormones blockers should not happen. I think it just perpetuates the gender binary and does not do much for the cause of humanity accepting all sorts of gender creativity whatever sex you are.

    I do wonder though what we do in the meantime though (until the day when our society is safer and more accepting of gender alternatives). What are the solutions here??? Not all ‘opposite/mixed gendered’ (trans) people are aggressive sexist people perpetuating the stereotypes. A lot of us, like myself (whatever mix I am) are trying to make our way to as vibrant a life as possible so that we can flourish in whatever creative mix of genders we are, like-wise, not every parent will pressurise their child into taking blockers. It’s usually a last resort isn’t it?? It certainly is from what I see and read. Anyway, I don’t think it is helpful to generalise about any group of people because it does not facilitate useful discussion and solutions to difficult and sometimes intangible problems. I can understand the anger though!!! This stuff gets me fired up for sure.

    Anyway, I would have thought that what we do want is to make the world safer and more accepting for everyone of genuinely mixed gender. The fact is, if I walk into a male locker room or loo (walking past the disgraceful animal-like facility known as the urinal) looking the way I do sometimes, my safety is at risk and I have been assaulted in the loo – plain and simple – we still live in a binary world and that’s what happens to people like me when we need to use the bathroom or locker room. So what’s the solution here?? I am not denying we need safe places for women, what we actually need is safe places for women AND gender variant/creative people. I think once we facilitate this and actually relax the laws that say you need to be this or that and take gender variance out of the DSM then it will become more normalised and perhaps we might see the world changing to a different paradigm when it comes to gender (as well as sexuality).

    In Melbourne there does seem to be a lot more unisex lockable toilet cubicles around and this is helping different gendered souls have a safer time to have a wee in peace. It’s a nice neat solution from what I can see – I want to see more of this and less argument about the case for this group of people and that group of people and why trans-people are this and that etc etc. Its all generalising. I do see that there is a very vocal and aggressive contingent of trans-people who deludedly want to be treated like women as if they always have been genetic women and I don’t think that is a tenable position, but I don’t think coming up with overly-generalised statements and ‘proof’ about the differences between this and that is that is productive either. The trans-folk that are deluded like this will never shut up and so our energy is probably better spent coming up with solutions that facilitate a better safer and more accepting society – let’s just find innovative solutions. (That is unless you happen to ‘get off’ on complaining and having an aggressive cyberspace stoush) 😉

    What we do about making locker rooms safer for women mixed gendered folk I am not sure. Any ideas???? 🙂

    Happy blogging.


  13. GenderBender · ·

    Hi again Noanodyne… just re-reading your comment to Kate above. Your third paragraph states that there is no such thing as a ‘transsexual child’ medically speaking. I am not sure if you are aware of Diane Ehrensaft’s research on children who are gender diverse and transgendered. Diane has seen some parents of 18 month old children whose first words are ‘me girl’ (from a genetic boy) or the reverse for a genetic girl. I am still skeptical about theories of ‘hard-wired’ gender identity but this does seem incredibly young to be saying this without some strong biological hard-wired-ness especially when they are so adamant over and over and over again (in the years following)about being the ‘sex’ that is opposite to their birth sex and affirming this by the clothes they will and will not wear, the activities they will and will not partake in and the toys they will and will not play with – it is a very very strong and repeated assertion from these children. I am not trying to make an argument here, just completely amazed that this actually happens. It doesn’t mean that one should immediately assume that they are ‘transgender’ (and later want hormone blockers etc) but it just makes you think, are humans so aware of identity at a young age and how does it manifest in such a young brain? Is there really not a kind of ‘brain gendered-ness’ that is ‘wired in’ to some childrens’ brains. I find it hard to believe but kind of makes you think a bit hey??
    Anyway, curious to know thoughts on this or any responses.


  14. GenderBender, you are just repeating the claims that this article and the rest of this site debunks. There is no scientific evidence that the claims of transgenderism and transsexualism in children are anything more than responses to being forced into gender roles that children don’t want to be in. And there is no scientific proof that medical interventions “work” for children who believe in their hearts that they are the opposite sex. All anyone can point to is anecdotal accounts from freaked out parents and clueless doctors. No one has done a careful study of behavior in children, responses in adults, and compared what happens between the household and social situations where the adults handle things calmly and the household and social situations where parents and other adults freak out. Additionally, there is zero, nada, zippo proof of anything like brain sex; that has been debunked over and over. You can read all about it on the brain sex page of this very site.

    We are in one of the most gender restrictive, sex stereotyping eras of the last 100 years. The sexualization of children is rampant; the demand that boys behave and dress one way and girls another is mandated to the extreme. There is very little room for variations and children know this from a very young age. Children as young as 18 months (and even younger in some studies) have been shown to be aware of gender standards. But gender standards aren’t a normal part of human development — we know they change drastically over time and culture — but they are an element of what society demands of conforming members. History is full of accounts of mass hysteria around bodily and mental diversions from the accepted cultural norm. I believe it is very possible that we are going to look back at this era as a form of that. Parents with children who are doing what children have always done can now go on the internet and find parents freaking out about gender and making all kinds of claims about what everyone should be doing to intervene. This creates a trending panic by parents which they are fully capable of passing on to their kids. At the ready are adult trans activists claiming to know exactly what is “wrong” with these children, as well as what should be done about it, and doctors who have no idea what to do other than follow the trend.

    This blog exists in large part to debunk everything you’re claiming as factual. Something *is* happening with the transgender trend, that is why gender-critical feminists are analyzing and writing about it. But we do not know *what* is happening exactly. In the meantime, children are being used as guinea pigs and political pawns. Yes, it is clear the children are in distress, but giving them “treatments” that are not approved for this use, that do not actually work, when the problem isn’t even being accurately diagnosed (please read the research for yourself) is approaching medical malpractice. These children need help, not political intervention, not medical treatments that don’t work, not freak outs by adults, but real help. And we’re not going to find what will help if we don’t look much more carefully and scientifically at what’s going on. That’s the one place we agree.

  15. GenderBender, I’m not sure you’re aware of how 18-month old children respond to the world. At that age, infants are parroting what adults have said directly to them or strongly enough in their vicinity for them to take in. They have no knowledge of what “boy” or “girl” *actually* means, they only say the words that have been projected at them. An 18-month old child does not mean the same thing when they use language as adults mean. It’s beyond silly to attribute something as complex and poorly understood (by adults and even specialists!) as one’s sense of one’s own gender to a child that age. What you *can* be sure of is that they are getting all kinds of signals and language from adults and responding accordingly.

    Again, you are taking the word of adults who are passing on anecdotes that suit their own version of reality. Since you seem so moved by anecdotes, let me tell you in the strongest possible terms: Not wanting to be forced into a gender box is not a new phenomenon. A large percentage of lesbians will tell you that they felt exactly the same thing as the young children who adults are now claiming are transgendered. Those girls wanted to wear the clothes that only boys were supposed to wear, only wanted to play with toys that only boys were supposed to play with, wanted to play sports with the boys, and on and on. Those girls have always gone by the term “tomboy” and if they were very lucky, were left alone to be themselves. They grew up to be lesbians, but there is a fair percentage of heterosexual women who also had such childhood experiences.

    If you would take the time to read and understand what is on this site, this would be a much more productive discussion. I’m starting to wonder whether you really are interested in this subject at a deeper level or if you just want to stay on stage repeating debunked ideas over and over. Read the articles on this site. If you have something advanced to contribute after you’ve read everything here, we can continue the discussion.

  16. GenderBender · ·

    Thanks Noanodyne for your insights and feedback, I am genuinely interested in the debate and contributing to it – and certainly don’t want to be just repeating debunked ideas. I guess I am just getting my head around it all and obviously by what you are saying I need to read up more with the rest of the site. Sorry, I am a slow reader so it takes me a lot of time. I’ll do my best.
    🙂 Thanks for your response again.

  17. druidwinter · ·

    This is ironic how gender stereotypes are being projected on children, and as if that isnt bad enough, drugs and non-lifesaving experimental surgery when there are children with life-threatening defects that are born into families that cant afford to save them.

    Actual Intersex people, are NOT transgender or part of that movement, they have been fighting to save intersex children from the automatic-gender assignment surgery they are subject to at birth. It is emotionally damaging that they are not accepted as they ‘are,’ no surgery, no drugs, hormones or alterations.

    Intersex people are genetically made to accept their unique balance of mixed hormones and want to be allowed to grow without experimentation or removal of natural organs. These may be your best allies in preventing this’, this is a 1950s gender complyence procedure that they -as adults- are trying to change.

    There are claims of transgender being ‘intersex’. But intersexed is a unique condition having nothing to do with desires or feelings to be a different sex. They were born with unique combinations of partially mixed XX and XY genetics. Even with surgery, you can not become intersexed no more than you can become the opposite sex by surgery. They have unique genetics that have a natural body chemistry that naturally formed to accommodate the balance of their genetic combination of differences. The do-not want to be altered or experimented on either.

    Now this nightmare is being pushed on normal binary healthy children? :/

    It is kind of upsetting that a bunch of men with fetishes [that often abandon wives & their own children to pursue their new lifestyle ] want to subject other children to lupron[which is dangerous and comes with a warning for adults enforced by law in NY] ,for being stereotypically doing girl-things or boy things, never mind if it hurts them. The child dose is double the amount for adults.

    Children do not have a concept of boy or girl things until they are taught.There is NO sexuality feelings and during puberty their bones are fusing[lupron will interfere with this natural process that gets triggered by puberty] their brain is growing and adjusting to the change of becoming an adult[brain growth is also halted]. Puberty is confusing enough without extra drugs that cause ‘lupron fog’ that are pushed for cosmetic reasons and will have life-long effects on health and the ability to study in school.

    I wore some of my brother’s clothes to play in, and someone complained and my mother bought me dresses. My mother was young and influenced by what other people told her, so much so, she did not breast feed my brother out of fear it was ‘inappropriate’ and lack of breastfeeding support for women at the time. If this cr*p was floating around, she would have fell for it. Another problem is munchausen by proxy mothers are attracted to the pats on the back and attention they offer for forcing this on children.

    This is child abuse.

  18. If a normal part of human development, adolescence, can be intentionally halted because of one dubious psychological disorder, why can’t we do the same for other mental disorders that usually crop up around the time children start puberty?

    I have a brilliant idea that is bound to please many parents. Perhaps all teenagers should be on puberty suppressing drugs. I knew a woman with a teenage daughter. This girl was so sweet when she was a little girl, but turned into a rebellious, defiant, raging hellion once she started puberty. The girl was such a good student in grammar school, but once the hormones kicked in, she was an entirely different person. Indeed, the poor mother was popping Prozac left and right just to deal with it all. She would tell me unbelievable, horrifying things this teenage girl would do. She ran away at age sixteen and got pregnant. Boys start to notice girls when they develop sexually. It’s funny how raging hormones work. Now, all of this could have been avoided if the girl was prevented from starting puberty. Adolescence does crazy things to all children. It was clearly the puberty that caused the changes in her daughter. Therefore, let’s make life much better for all parents by preventing children from developing sexually. This poor mother would cry and wail because her precious little girl was so rebellious. Keep them on puberty suppressing drugs until they are eighteen, and then the parents can legally kick them out of the house. If parents can intentionally delay puberty because of one psychiatric diagnosis namely “gender identity disorder”, or whatever, then why can’t parents stop puberty because of rebellious teenager disorder, or whatever the shrinks call it these days.

  19. When they say that puberty suppressing drugs are reversible, they aren’t being completely truthful. Some children go straight from the puberty suppressing drugs to cross gender hormones at age sixteen.

    Treatment with puberty delaying drugs leads to sterilization if it is followed with the administration of cross sex hormones at 16 years, as the Brill and Pepper handbook on “transgender” children (2008), explains, “the choice to progress from GnRH inhibitors to estrogen without fully experiencing male puberty should be viewed as giving up one’s fertility, and the family and child should be counseled accordingly” (Brill & Pepper, 2008, p. 216). For girls, sterilization is the outcome too, because “eggs do not mature until the body goes through puberty” (Brill & Pepper, 2008, p. 216). The issue of fertility, the handbook asserts, may bother parents more than the “teens”, because the latter may think shortterm and not be able to contemplate much more than getting transgendered in the present (Brill & Pepper, 2008, p. 220). The handbook speaks of other serious effects of the transgendering of children. It says that birth defects may occur in children born to “transmen taking testosterone prior to pregnancy” (Brill & Pepper, 2008, p. 219). It also warns that genital surgery can lead to the absence of sexual feeling, and comments that young people may not understand the importance of this (Brill & Pepper, 2008, p. 220). But, the handbook advises, “teens” can have sexual surgeries such as the removal of testes or breast removal, at any age, not necessarily 18, so long as their parents and a surgeon are willing (Brill & Pepper, 2008, p. 220). This does seem to contradict the warnings that accompany this advice, about the difficulty “teens” may have in understanding the implications of such surgeries for fertility and sexual pleasure.

  20. Investigation into Lupron Side Effects (Leuprolide Acetate)


    2,717 People Have Sent 5,357 Letters and Emails

    Please Sign the Petition

    If adults have horrible side effects, why are they still giving Lupron to children?

    Lupron is a Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Analog/Agonist (GnRH); these drugs shut down the pituitary gland, thereby reducing the amount of testosterone produced by men, and estrogen produced by women. This deprives hormone-dependent prostate cancer cells of the hormone (ie, testosterone) they need to grow, causing their growth to slow. Decreasing the amount of testosterone in the body can result in a reduction of symptoms related to advanced prostate cancer, such as bone pain or difficulty in urinating. It is important to remember that Lupron Depot is used for palliative treatment and is not a cure for cancer. Lupron is prescribed for women with very bad endometriosis or severe menorrhagia. It also may be administered before assisted reproduction. In men, Lupron is used to treat advanced prostate cancer.

    It’s important to note that Lupron doesn’t actually cure prostrate cancer or endometriosis. It shuts down the hormones that stimulate tumor growth or spur the growth of endometrial tissue.

    Lupron is also prescribed for precocious puberty (when puberty doesn’t normally occur), but precocious puberty is NOT the same as transgender. Here is something from the Mayo Clinic website.

    Age 12 is NOT considered precocious puberty. This is a female who started her period about the same age as most girls. If parents call a female child “he” long enough, isn’t she going to start to believe it? Also, boys aren’t born girls and don’t have periods.

    “My son got his period at age 12 and a half, and we both cried…It’s true that my son had the physical parts of a girl and was born my daughter, but I discovered when he came out as transgender he was my son.”


  21. […] Activism To Normalize Gender Transitioning Now Comes At Children’s Expense blog post. […]

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