Where’s the evidence of harm? You have not demonstrated the harm that has come to females in states that have adopted ‘gender identity’ legislation!

Anecdotal evidence is not needed to legitimize our criticisms about overbroad definitions of ‘gender identity.’ Here is our point: male persons have cross-dressed in order to gain access to sex-segregated spaces with the specific intent to harm females. This has happened. Many times. That’s all we need to know.

Where a harm is foreseeable, it is potentially preventable. And if not actually preventable, then at least we can create a public policy against it. That is the purpose of law. Females, in particular, need laws. For example, a restraining order is just a piece of paper that could not possibly protect a body from attack, but we still need laws that prohibit stalking behavior. Similarly, in our UN submission we argue that:

Females require sex-segregated facilities for a number of reasons, chief among them the documented frequency of male sexual violence against females and the uniquely female consequence of unwanted impregnation resulting from this relatively common form of violence. Public policy, therefore, rationally permits sex segregation in certain settings where a reasonable expectation of privacy exists.

As such, we take specific issue with overbroad legislative language and the foreseeable harm to women that can arise from the refusal to make any legal distinction between sex and ‘gender identity’ in the context of sex-segregated spaces. We advocate for legal screening of unfettered male access to sex-segregated female spaces on the basis of a purely self-reported ‘gender identity,’ expression, or appearance. We propose that this be done by requiring medical evidence.


  1. A large number of the “Transgender” community are made up of men who desire to dress as and emulate females and a lot of this involves a fetish involving women. I think the transgender community is in an uproar because men who dress as women don’t feel safe going to the men’s restrooms. I have seen this argument numerous times. So, men being men, they will try and make women deal with this. This pus women at risk. Women, who are a target of a fetish, are being forced to be in women’s private spaces with these men. *cringe*

    This document was written for protections of women and of course the transgender community has to make it all about them. Whats new. The article specifically includes protections for women born transsexual who are being treated for transsexualism. So why the outrage? Bizarre.

    Thank you Cathy and Elizabeth for including me in this important cause.

  2. During this debate, I’ve seen many trans* MAABs, trans allies, people who can’t read, and people who hate women (we’ll just call them “misogynists”) downplay and dismiss the harm to females (and women and girls). They claim it never happens. Or they claim it’s no big deal when it does. Or they say that it hardly every happens, so it’s not a meaningful concept. And even when one of them agrees that maybe it happens sometimes, they go on to say that women should just get over it.

    You know, all the things that the men’s rights crazies say to erase female reality and shout over and talk down to females so they can go right ahead with their abuse of women and girls. It’s becoming very clear which are the people who really care about what happens to females (and girls and women) and which don’t. The haters will not be able to pretend which side they’re on anymore.

  3. Andrea Rosenfield · ·

    A verifiable requirement that “MAAB” people, to use the term preferred here, document their intention to live as women in advance of entering spaces designated for females is perfectly reasonable and was the status quo until quite recently. That way predators can’t just walk in, and retroactively claim a female “gender identity” as a defense after being caught.

    I don’t need any evidence that this has happened, to know that’s exactly what these loosey-goosey laws could enable – a guy stands in the park in a raincoat and flashes people, he goes to jail. Same guy does the same thing in the women’s room in that same park, claims that because the coat’s buttons were on the left it’s “gender expression” and gets away with it? I don’t think so.

    The inability to think of themselves as “women” and see that this is for their own protection too, speaks volumes to me about the true “gender identity” of the detractors. The refusal to acknowledge this as a potential problem and to address it forthrightly, can only be interpreted as admission of an overt desire to enable males who would engage in predatory behavior against females. Who would want that, other than those same predators?

  4. Transgender includes sick people, period. I find it bizarre that women born transsexual would support this crap.

    What is transgender?

    It includes but is not limited to:

    Paraphilic Infantilism
    Sissy Transgender

    This might taste bad but this is part of the transgender umbrella. And I am going to scream and yell as loud as I can so that people know about it. This is something the TeeGee’s don’t want to acknowledge and discuss. It isn’t my fault. Thank Charles Prince and Yvonne cook-riley for this mess.

    Civil rights for all! What the hell does that mean? Details, please. My question is simple. Do you support male-bodied, testosterone driven MEN in private spaces? This is what the document to the U.N. is all about. Protection for women…not some broad transgender liberation bullshit.

  5. Only women belong in women-restricted spaces. Transgender is a completely meaningless term, and in regions where laws have been enacted to provide “transgender” to women-only space, I believe the majority of people think transgender = transsexual, which it does not. The general public is presented this misleading definition of transgender in order to promote the ability of men to legally access women-only spaces. Yes the distinction isn’t helped by those who have had SRS and call themselves transgender and push for the destruction of women’s rights over male role-playing.

    Transsexuals are born with a brain/body sex mismatch, and with respect to brain sex, it has absolutely nothing to do with clothing, roles, or stereotypical behavior. Women of transsexual history, for example, are just as diverse with respect to such attributes as women in general. In fact, historically, it was primarily due to the sexism of some therapists, projecting their expectations of “appropriate” female behavior upon patients seeking medical intervention, combined with the confusion of transsexuals with those now considered transgender that taints women of transsexual history, and quite reasonably, makes them quite disgusted about the whole thing.

    I have nothing personally against a guy wanting to dress like a woman, regardless of their motivation, but on FB I’ve had a few conversations with such cross-dressers, saying things such as how they enjoy wearing a dress under their male clothing. Say, what? Isn’t that a bit uncomfortable? You feel so pretty? You’re aroused by wearing women’s clothes? You’re wanting to talk to me about such things? Look, I like men, but I want a man to like me, yes, me. Not my clothing. I want to have a conversation, not to be seen as a vagina on legs, but as a person with a brain, opinions, goals, etc.

    I recently had someone who said they were a 24/7 crossdresser. They were very honest about the fact that they liked socially interacting as a woman, but wanted to keep their penis. They said they recently had some non-transition related surgery, and “a penis is very handy to have at that time.” More power to him, but obviously to me, he’s not a woman. I’ve never met a woman who wanted a penis, at least not in that way. LOL Is he transgender? Yes, I think that’s a good description of someone who, in his case, is male, but crosses gender boundaries in one or more ways. Is he transsexual? Absolutely not.

    This individual also tried to tell me it was wrong for post-transsexual women to “leave” the transgender community, as we should stay to help them. Help them what? Am I going to get stereotyped by a guy wanting me to give him makeup tips? To “act” like a woman? I didn’t have to act, take a class, etc. I was always female. There is a chemistry beneath the social roles and dress, regarding how men interact with each other and how women interact with each other. It has nothing to do with attire, jobs, skills, roles, etc., but there is definitely something there. Some sort of common bond I can’t quite put my finger on, but I sense it in my very soul. I cannot “teach” that to anyone. I told this individual that I never was part of the transgender community, and therefore, I never left. I said that to me, transgender means you’re male, with one or more stereotypical female characteristics, or vice versa. Being transsexual, in stark contrast, means your brain is female and your body isn’t, and so you’ll do anything possible to correct this mismatch, if you don’t kill yourself first. This is completely different from transgender. Transsexuals see themselves with a birth defect they want to correct, and once corrected, it’s over, just as when one might have cancer, have the tumor removed, and they’re now healed. Being transgender is continuous, forever, a crossing of roles, not sex. It also includes those who indeed might pose a risk to women, and therefore, sex boundaries should be honored.

  6. “Being transgender is continuous, forever, a crossing of roles, not sex. It also includes those who indeed might pose a risk to women, and therefore, sex boundaries should be honored.”

    This quote from a transsexual above, trying to reinforce a distinction between transsexual and transgender, says it all. It’s a crossing of roles, not sex, to be Transgendered, but in the case of Transsexual, it’s a crossing of roles and sex.

    And what WE women are saying is, it’s a crossing of stereotypical roles and the change of sex is a mere cosmetic, type of plastic surgery, mixed with a bag of unnatural hormone treatments to further approximate what the opposite gender looks like (also, alot based in stereotypical definitions of male/female appearance.

    So, it’s a fraud, a faux transition, an attempt to fit in… but a total fallacy as sex is really not something you can change (not at the cellular level).

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